Pool Construction

Basic Steps in Swimming Pool Construction

  • Step 1. Excavation The process begins with excavation. We dig out the area necessary for the size of your pool and begin shaping the ground according to the specifications for your pool design. By the time excavation is complete, you'll actually have a very good idea what the outline of your pool looks like.
  • Step 2. Plumbing and Steel The walls around your pool are lined with a steel grid and plumbing installed throughout the pool and connected to necessary equipment.
  • Step 3. Gunite Next, the interior of the pool is shot with concrete. This will provide the hard surfaces necessary for the interior of your pool.
  • Step 4. Tile, Decking, and Coping Tile is typically installed around the top 6” of the inner edge of the pool. Tile can be put in other areas to create your own unique design. Coping refers to the type of rock or stone placed around the outside edge of the pool. Decking is the sidewalk area formed around the outside of the pool. Decking is usually made of brushed aggregate, stamped or stained concrete, or the customer’s choice of stone.
  • Step 5. Plaster Plaster is the hard coating sprayed on top of the gunite to create the finish of the walls and floor of the pool. Plaster comes in various colors and textures.
  • Step 6. Pool School and Preparation Once the construction is complete and the pool is full, we do a complete and thorough systems test and balance of all chemicals. We perform a comprehensive run through of all of its systems and operations with the homeowners.

    In addition to the basic steps above, electrical and gas lines are installed and often additional dirt work and landscaping is needed.

Construction Process

Completed Pools